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EF 240mm / 2 x

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The brand new Premium HD Telephoto lens offers twice the zoom, and closes in on the subject. The new Telephoto captures authentic images while narrowing in on your subject of choice.

When the Premium HD Telephoto lens is paired up with iPhone X’s telephoto camera on portrait mode, the user receives an extended zoom of up to 4x when shooting!

The iPhone’s digital zoom in can affect the quality of the image, but with bitplay's HD Telephoto optical zoom, you can get a clearer, sharper image. Utilizing a similar optical design to DSLR lenses, we have created a lens with multiple AR coatings, with 5 elements, 4 group structures. This special design reduces unwanted light reflection and makes the image results exceedingly vivid and crisp.

The main body of the lens is made from a single piece of high strength aluminum metal with integrated cutting technique resulting in an ultra-strength unibody casing. The outer surface has gone through special treatment for scratch resistance. The lens cap is itself made from strengthen silicon for easy installation and complete protection.

The bitplay M52 adapter lets you attach a standard 52mm filter to both of Premium HD Wide Angle and Telephoto lens. With bitplay M52 CPL Filter you can filtered out unwanted glares on glass or refection on water surface. The CPL also allows you to capture the blue skies or the scenery with better color rendering.

Product name|Premium HD Telephoto Lens
LENS Magnification|2X
Minimum focus distance|240mm
Angle of View – Horizontal|32.3°
Angle of View – Diagonal|39.8°
Lens Construction|5 elements in 4 groups
Dimensions|44mm (Ø) x 31.1 mm (H)
Weight|53 g
Package dimensions|24.7 x 8 x 6.2 cm
Package contents|HD Telephoto Lens x 1, Lens Cap x 2, Lens Bag x 1

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