Chrome Industries

[PO] Chrome Industries : BLCKCHRM 22X Citizen Messenger

$ 231.20 SGD $ 289.00 SGD

Original. Iconic. Chrome Industries's BLCKCHRM 22X takes their medium-sized messenger bag with quick-release seatbelt buckle to the next level. Street-tested by professional messengers since 1995. 

Born from necessity, BLCKCHRM explores innovative materials and new methods of craftsmanship to blow past the limits of carrying and moving in the city. Inspired by technical sailcloth material and the 22-degree bias that gives it strength to resist tearing. The BLCKCHRM 22X Citizen is forged from the toughest and lightest material they've ever made.

Made in Chico, CA. Guaranteed for Life.


  • Dimension : 22" / 13" / 7" (55.9cm, 33cm, 18cm)
  • Volume : 24 L , Laptop : 15"


  • Chrome Industries's iconic messenger in advanced 22X Nylon
  • Quick-release buckle with bottle opener
  • Reflective compression straps to secure cargo
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap w/ stabilizing strap
  • Made with advanced sail cloth material