Chrome Industries : Forged Rubber Peshka

Chrome Industries

When Chrome Industries set out to build the world’s best city sneaker they found that to make it happen, they had to go back 70 years to a revive a long forgotten manufacturing method. Chrome Industries found that tossing in leftover rubber to the mold created a rad, naturally occurring. Thus, their recycled rubber camo soles were born.

Partnering with famed Japanese footwear designer, Takashi Kanakogi from Rythym Footwear, Chrome Industries were able to combine the new outsole idea with a fresh, refined and ultra simplified upper design in a high silhouette.

// F E A T U R E S

Forged Rubber™ construction for the most bombproof vulcanization process
Reinforced eye stay and heel tab details with PU reflective or Veg Tan Leather

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Type: Accessories

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