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Drink From An Exquisite and Functional Art Piece

The MemoBottle is designed to be as slim as a book to fit seamlessly into your briefcase or handbag. So beautiful, the MemoBottle was included in the gift bags handed out to Oscar nominees in 2016!

A7 :
  • 750ML (25OZ)
  • Dimensions : 243mm x 148mm x 30mm
  • Hot and cold liquids
A5 : 
  • 180ML (6OZ)
  • Dimensions : 140mm x 74mm x 30mm
  • Hot and cold liquids 

Memobottle wash tips:

1. Pour some warm water and white vinegar into your bottle.

2. Shake it up! Ensure the solution washes over the entire inner surface. Soak for a couple of hours.

3. Pour out the solution and rinse off thoroughly.

Alternatively, you can purchase bottle-washing tablets easily at the pharmacy!

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