We all know the old outdoor. It’s focused on hyper-specialized gear, the never-ending quest for once in a lifetime activities, and the desire to be part of an exclusive club that few could ever join. We get it, we’ve been there, and it’s one of the reasons we started Topo Designs.

Topo Designs see a New Outdoor, one that expands the very definition of being outside. It’s an inclusive place that allows us, regardless of who we are, to be both the outsider and the insider, the novice and the pro. It embraces utility, which allows us to do more with less, and blur the boundaries between life and outdoor. Above all, it approaches sustainability as a way to design life, rather than an isolated initiative or short-term fix.

Join us, invite others, and let’s step into The New Outdoor™ together.


The New Outdoor™ is an endeavor Topo Designs has been channeling since day one. These elements are what they believe a more utilitarian, sustainable, and inclusive approach to the outdoors can be.


Topo Designs has been about utility since they started—striving to create a line as versatile in the outdoors as it is in the city, or any travels in-between. They design their line to be the ingredients that can be mixed and matched, reconfigured and reimagined by you, the #TeamTopo community, to best represent who you are as individuals. 
Topo Designs believe sustainability is a never-ending work in progress. By building durable products that stick around for the long haul, researching and implementing recycled materials and lower impact manufacturing, and beginning with design to constantly work towards a more sustainable product line.
Think approachable, not exclusive. Topo Designs want a new outdoor to exist in which we can all benefit, not just one specialized group. Inviting both the outsider and the insider, and blurring the boundaries of life and outdoor together.
Topo Designs is a company born from the outdoors, yet they move forward by crossing the lines of relevancy in other spaces as well: Urban, sport, fashion, tech, our ambassadors and friends we work with… all stepping out, and in, to The New Outdoor™.

Join us, invite others, and let’s step into The New Outdoor™ together.

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