An invite to F/CE. 2020 Spring/Summer Exhibition.

An invite to F/CE. 2020 Spring/Summer Exhibition.

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Japan. The land of Sushi. Fresh lines of Pow Pow in Winter. Cherry Blossoms.

A visit to Japan always puts a huge smile on our faces. Specifically, when we step into a retail store, that's stocked full of bags.

Japanese carry brands have always been known for their commitment to quality manufacturing, coupled with functionality that's made for the urban city. Which is of course, perfect for us in Singapore.

We reached out to Satoshi Yamane, Founder of F/CE, to express our interest in placing his products in our store and an invite was found in his response.

An invite to F/CE. 2020 Spring/Summer Exhibition, to view the latest his brand has to offer, come early 2020. We accepted immediately, got our tickets booked and found ourselves in Tokyo.

Ramen in TokyoBut first, ramen.

On a full stomach, we made our way to the exhibition, got some of it on photos, to share with you.

F/CEThe Robic Air Collection: Robic™ 420D boasts an abrasion resistance equivalent to that of Cordura 500D, but is 80% lighter and has a similar tear resistance.

The Dry Line: Seamless and completely waterproof. This range is made by applying pressure to two pieces of fabrics, stacked in a special machine that sends electromagnetic waves through the fabric. A very special welding process that ensures it never separates or peels.

F/CE DRY LINEX-Pac ™ ️ Collection: X-PAC is a special material with a three-layer structure developed by the American company DIMENSION-POLYANT.

F/CE XPAC MATERIALDiscussions after discussions and we were officially registered as their authorised dealer in Singapore.

F/CE. 2020 Spring/Summer Collection will be available at www.thebagcreature.com when it launches.

Can't wait? We got our hands on a couple of best-sellers, check it out here : http://bit.ly/F-CE-Japan

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Robert Long

Robert Long

Wah, looks really good. Would like an invite too

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