That visit to Trakke.

Glasgow, Scotland. The birthplace of Trakke, with the highlands just around the corner, it's where they test their bags; subjecting them to wind, rain, snow & hail.

We visited Trakke back in May, as a detour from a road trip to Isle of Skye. Excited as we are, we dived straight into discussions of stocking their bags. Initial discussions went well, but sadly they decided that they aren't ready for international wholesale.

Designing & manufacturing in-house with a small team in Glasgow, with so much momentum in growth through their website;ย, we understood.

We will constantly reach out to them, so we can bring Trakke bags into our store for your next adventure.

For now, here's a couple of snapshots of their studio.

Trakke BagsTrakke BagsTrakke BagsTrakke Bags

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Never knewโ€ฆ great insight to the brand!
I wonder what they do with all those scraps materials?

Carry Fanatic May 03, 2020

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