Urth : Core Camera Strap Slim

Sale price$ 89.00 SGD

The Core Camera Strap Slim is made from strong recycled nylon and features an adjustable buckle for extra length and versatility in how you carry your gear. So you can quickly flow from wearing as a neck, cross-body or shoulder strap. Use the silicone grip for stability, or flip to smooth nylon webbing for easy movement.

Urth's Core Camera Strap Slim comes with a tripod anchor mount and two sets of their quick-release pebble fasteners, custom designed for changing cameras on the go.


  • Swap out and snap in; Pebble fasteners for switching cameras.
  • Recycled nylon; Durable recycled nylon and silicone grip.
  • Made to move; Adjustable length and carry options.
  • Lifetime warranty; Quality you can trust.
  • Tight-knit nylon; Recycled webbing carries up to 80kg.
  • Durable hardware; With aluminium and strong Dyneema rope.
  • 2 sets of fasteners; For use with two cameras.


  • Dimensions: 1250mm (length) x 20mm (width) x 1.5mm (depth)
  • Size: Adjustable from 700mm to 1250mm to fit most people
  • Fits: Pebble fasteners fit through most camera eyelets. If eyelets are too small or the camera doesn’t have them, use the metal adapter provided.
  • Holds: Up to 80kg
  • Fabric: 100% recycled nylon webbing, silicone grip, anodised aluminium buckles, POM and ABS plastic pebble clip, nylon cord with Dyneema core